Introduction to the Platform

Welcome to VZBL, a groundbreaking platform designed to navigate the complexity of software operations and bring unprecedented clarity to how teams work. In the world of software development, where information is often siloed across various tools and systems, gaining a clear, cohesive view of operations can seem like an insurmountable challenge. That's where VZBL comes in.

The Genesis of VZBL

VZBL was conceived from a critical need – to move beyond merely measuring team performance metrics and instead, provide a holistic visibility into the workings of software teams. Traditional tools in the market have been adept at tracking outputs, but they fall short in illuminating the intricate processes that lead to those results. VZBL transcends this limitation by not only gathering your data from disparate sources but also intelligently connecting and enriching it to reveal how each segment of work interrelates across your ecosystem.

Our Philosophy: Visibility Before Measurement

Unlike other platforms that focus on evaluating and benchmarking, VZBL's core mission is to unlock your data, fostering limitless exploration and understanding of your team's dynamics. We believe that true leadership and impactful change stem from a deep, nuanced comprehension of how teams operate. VZBL empowers you to ask the right questions, delve into your data, and uncover the insights needed to guide more informed, trustworthy decisions.

What Sets VZBL Apart

VZBL stands out as a software operations observability platform, offering capabilities far beyond traditional analytics tools:

  • Query and Explore: Effortlessly query your data and drill down to the raw details, ensuring nothing is obscured from your view.

  • Custom Dashboards: Build and share custom dashboards that reflect the unique aspects of your operations, facilitating end-to-end operational visibility.

  • Connectivity: Discover the relationships between conversations in Slack, projects in Jira, and releases in CircleCI, among others. This interconnectedness allows for inquiries previously thought impossible, offering a panoramic view of your team's workflow.

  • Comprehensive Charting and Analysis: With VZBL, you're equipped with extensive charting options including bar charts, time series, heatmaps, and treemaps. Aggregate, measure, and filter data without limitations, embracing the freedom to analyze your operations in ways that matter most to you.

  • Unified Identity: Achieve a singular view of your team's performance across the entire toolchain, thanks to unified identities

  • Unified Search - Powerful search feature that makes finding any piece of data a breeze.

Embark on a Journey of Discovery

VZBL invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, where data becomes the key to unlocking your team's full potential. Through enhanced visibility, enriched insights, and empowered analysis, VZBL is here to transform the way you view software operations. Welcome to a new era of operational intelligence where every question leads to meaningful change. Welcome to VZBL.

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